Dropline GNOME Actualizar Gnome automáticamente desde Slackware

, por laura

11.27.03 - Dropline GNOME 2.4.1
The latest Dropline GNOME release updates the desktop to GNOME 2.4.1, plus the latest versions of Gaim, Mozilla, and more. GNOME Office components have also been updated, including Abiword, Evolution, and Gnumeric. The Dropline Installer received an over-haul, cleaning up the codebase and implementing some long-requested features.

Current Dropline GNOME users can upgrade via the Dropline Installer, while new users will need to first obtain the Installer from our download page. Enjoy!

Pentium and K6 Users

It seems some users are confused about the change to i686 packages, so please, let me explain. First, i686 CPUs include Intel’s Pentium Pro, Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium IV, and Celeron processors. AMD’s Athlon and Duron CPUs also fall into this category. The original Pentium, Pentium MMX, K6, and K6-II processors are from the i586 family—these are no longer supported. With the change to GCC 3.2 in Slackware 9, Dropline GNOME needed to be rebuilt using GCC 3.2 to ensure full compatibility; otherwise there are problems when users try to compile software that links again Dropline GNOME libraries (Mozilla had a big issue with this). So, Slackware 8.1 compatibility had to be broken. Since Slackware 9 already ships a plain GNOME 2.2 package set people with older computers can still use GNOME 2.2 on Slackware 9, while people with modern hardware get a desktop that takes advantage of their processor’s features.